Gloriously Inadequate

I’m just a boy, on a journey with Jesus
I’m nothing special, but He loves me
I’m broken, battered and beaten up, but He’s healing my soul and making me whole again
I’m a sinner, saved by grace. Nothing more and nothing less, but it’s the most privileged position I could ever have

I’m the last person you’d expect to want to change the world

But I do, I truly do…
My heart bleeds for a generation of young people, who’ve never found freedom or raised their hands in worship
For whom salvation comes in bottles, shots, and syringes
And success involves cash, cars, and getting laid

I dream of a day where His love permeates every home and every heart, where the lost are found and the broken sheltered.

Where Jesus is preached on every street and in every corner
And lives are transformed by grace from glory to glory

Where sinners and saints alike can worship side by side
Where our helping hands and kind hearts outnumber our judging eyes

Where hope is found in the house of God and real life begins

Perhaps I’m the last person you’d want to change the world…

A potty-mouthed wannabe preacher who’s struggled with depression and sexual sin
Whose insecurities nag at him and threaten to overtake him every single day
I’m a reject, a loser, the very definition of a misfit

And truth be told, with the stuff I’ve done, said, and the people I’ve hurt
I don’t deserve
Anything He’s done for me…

But 1 Corinthians says he uses the foolish, the weak, the low born, the insignificant, the nothings


Maybe all this sounds familiar

Maybe you look in the mirror every morning and see the very person that you just read about
Maybe you struggle with your own inadequacies, fears, failures
Maybe you’ve been fighting demons that you’ve never told anyone about
Maybe He’s placed dreams in your heart that seem too big for your hands
Or maybe, in all this, you’ve been wondering, can God ever use someone like me?

But maybe… Just maybe…
Despite the fears, failures, and fallings
Despite the brokenness and bitterness
Despite everything you hate about yourself

He’s telling you
“I want you anyway…”

Ephesians 2:10 says that
You’re God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship)
Recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew]
That you may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for you [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time
That you should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for you to live]

You’re not average. None of us are.
Neither are you too tiny or insignificant, although sometimes we feel like that

You and I have been created, called, destined and anointed to be more than just an everyman
To live a life of greatness, to be more than conquerors coz He loves us…
And His strength is made perfect in our weakness

We’ve been called to be
Gloriously Inadequate

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  1. Hei! This post is amazing. :) This is why we say, “Grace, what have You done?”
    Greater is He that is in us, amen? With all our inadequacies, we are conquerors in His eyes. Abba is so good, and He is our faithful one.

    It is not by coincidence or your efforts that He puts you in a position to use that influence in you to touch lives, and touch the deepest parts of hearts, to give hope and point them back to Jesus. But hey, we’re the vessel, and vessels cannot fill themselves up. And I just want you to know that because we are the weak, and weak we will always be in this world, that He is strong for us, as though for the sole purpose to reminds us of His love and faithfulness.
    In the light of His goodness and glory, our failures and fears, our addictions and feelings amount to nothing. Our identity will never be shaken, and we can no longer be forsaken. Because He loves us so.

    And oh, I once read up somewhere that says sheep are really really foolish! Even when faced with predators, it can only “meh”. That is why He is our shepherd, the one who is far more able and mighty than us. And we will only enjoy the green pastures He will always lead us to. :)

    Praise God. Remember that there will always be higher hands leading us, and loving eyes, watching over us. :) You’re such a blessing, and I thank God for you. :) God bless you and your loved ones.


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